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What to wear!

Please dress yourself and your children in suitable clothing for being outdoors. The sessions take place in a typical British woodland which can be wet, muddy and breezy with stinging nettles and brambles.

Please dress yourself and your children in suitable clothing – we are in a British woodland which can be wet, muddy and breezy with nettles and brambles. Plenty of warm layers and waterproofs stops this from being anything but lots and lots of fun! But cold toes, scratched legs and wet bottoms don’t make for a good time...

Even when it’s hot, please wear closed shoes, long sleeves and trousers. We do have ticks in the woods at certain times of the year and so by keeping both yourself and child covered up as much as possible will prevent them biting. 


Please be aware that the forest can be considerably cooler than the temperature of the city all year round, so please bring warm provisions for this! 

Every term can bring a mixed bag of weather and temperature. So before you come it might be worth checking what the weather is doing, so that you can be prepared.


Some clothes suggestions:


Wellies are a must or waterproof shoes/boots, (it can get very muddy and slippery in the woods) for walkers and then for the little ones that aren't really walking yet or feet are not big enough for wellies, I would recommend waterproof rain footies.  Welly socks (sold in Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco clothes section, so don’t need to spend a fortune) are great for filling out wellies and I used to always put them on over my son's normal socks for extra warmth on cold days.

Grown ups I do recommend you wear waterproof trousers and jacket when it's wet, (as the logs around the log circle can get rather wet) just so that you can be dry when you get back into your car!


For the little ones there are plenty of options, all-in-ones, two piece trousers and bottoms, if your child is potty training I recommend trousers and jacket option, it makes going to the loo a lot easier especially when it's wet or cold!


It would also be worth carrying some spare clothes (I used to leave mine in the car, my son knew this, so was not bothered about getting wet when it was raining as he knew he could get changed back at the car after the session, what it did mean was that he would go for it in the puddles!) Just in case your little one does get soaked then you can at least get them changed either in the woods or back at your car. 

The next thing is layers, if you layer both yourself and your child you can take off or add to depending on the weather. It is always worth carrying an extra layer in your bag in the winter, in case it does go cold.  

A hat in the colder months is essential and gloves can be good to have to hand.  Often you will find packs of gloves for children being sold in supermarkets this is great because it means you can bring spare pairs incase they get wet!

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