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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions from parents, please have a read through these and if you still have questions then we would love to hear from you.

How do I sign up?


You can book onto one of our sessions by going to the booking form and once filled in you will receive information on payment or if you are interested in the next term you can fill in our waiting/mailing list. Please note these are new for each term, so that we are not storing contact details indefinitely, so in accordance with GDPR, our previous waiting list (and contact details for the current term) will be deleted.

I have filled in the booking from but haven't heard from you?

It might take 1- 2 days to process, because it isn't an automatic system (we are only a small business). But if you haven't heard anything please check your Junk/Spam or promotions folder because it will be a new email address (unless saved as a known contact) it will likely be in there especially if you are a Gmail or Hotmail address as they are known to update their filters which can cause emails to be sent to peoples spam/junk folders! The other option is to email me directly and hopefully then my response should end up in your inbox.


Can I do a trial session to see if we like it?

Yes you can, you will still need to fill in the booking form, but state in 'other information'  trial session and date you want to do, if that date changes just let us know.

If I start halfway through a course of sessions (say session 3 of 5), do I have to pay from the start of term for the sessions we didn't do?

You only pay for the sessions from the date you start. So if you join us half way through term say session 3 you will pay for session 3 and the rest of term.

What if the weather is bad?


Sessions run in all weather conditions unless the Forest School Leader views the woods as too dangerous to work in or the children’s well-being to be at risk. 

A session will only be cancelled in extreme bad weather, including strong winds exceeding 46mph (9+ on the Beaufort Scale) or electrical storms, where the unpredictability of tall trees may be a hazard. 

Parents will be warned (or told if is going to be cancelled) the day before the session Via email and the Tiny Trees and Forest Folk Facebook page. Confirmation will be given in the morning if conditions are still dangerous. 

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

If a session is cancelled due to circumstances out of our control, for example the weather, a refund will not be issued. We would always reschedule a session and it is down to you to attend that session. 

Your payment is non-refundable unless your place can be refilled; in this instance a 25% administration charge will be retained. Once term has commenced, no refunds can be offered. 

Cancellation due to government restrictions regarding Covid-19 - Due to the unpredictable times we find ourselves in, where a session/s are cancelled due to C-19 lockdown, we will reimburse for these sessions if desired or credit that session. Booking will still be made in termly blocks. We will always try to reschedule sessions where possible. 

Do I need to Move my child up From Tiny Trees to Forest Folk as soon as they are 3?

Tiny Trees parents are under no pressure to move their children up to Forest Folk after their third birthday - there is no rush, please base your choice around your child's personality/needs e.g. listening/following instructions

Can I bring my other older child (who is on inset day or was doing another forest school session that's been cancelled) along to the session?

The answer is usually yes but, you will need to check with the forest school leader first, (as we will need to consider the group size) this will be at their discretion. You will need to pay the sibling rate for all additional attending kids, which is currently £5.

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