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Campfire Snacks

Every session we cook a snack on the campfire for all the children attending. We try to keep the snacks seasonal. So Hot drinks in the winter, lighter snacks of berries etc in the summer.  All the ingredients we use are vegetarian (with a Vegan option) and where possible dairy free. There will always be a ‘Free From’ option to cover most food intolerances.

At the beginning of the week your session is on, you will be sent an email about the up and coming session including what the snack is and what to bring i.e. Bowl, plate, cup.

We’d also recommend you bring a selection of snacks and a drink for the children to nibble as they go – they seem to get ravenous in the woods!

Seasonal food

Food sustainability is very important to us, therefore all the ingredients we use are vegetarian, where possible locally sourced, Fairtrade and organic.

With the changing seasons, we try to forage some the of snack ingredients (if we can) from the woods, surrounding hedgerows and fields which seem to have a bounty of seasonal treats. This is great for the children to try new tastes and learn about foraged foods. So for example I would collect blackberries from the hedgerows around the woods and make a jam on the fire to have with toasted crumpets.


Some sessions we give the children an opportunity to make their own snack or cook it themselves on the fire.


Some example snacks.

Vegan sausages with hawthorn ketchup - Haws picked from hawthorn trees around the woods.

Nettle bread or tea - made from stinging nettles collected from around the woods

Elderberry and Blackberry jam - fruit collected from the woods

Apples dipped in Cinnamon sugar - apples come from orchards next to the woods  

Garlic bread - wild garlic collected from the woods


Some example none foraged snacks:

Cheesy pitta breads

Hot chocolate

Marshmallow smores (Vegan option is available)

Spiced Chi

Damper bread


We recommend that the parents/carers encourage their child to try the snack, its ok if they don’t like it, but at least they have tried it. Sometimes we find children who wouldn’t normally eat a particular food at home will eat it in the woods because it will be different and come with an additional smoky aroma!

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