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Forest Folk Sessions

Forest Folk sessions are for children aged 3-6 years and last for 1hr 30 mins. These sessions are for parents/carers to embrace the woodland’s seasonal changes with their children.


These sessions run fortnightly and take place in our Preschool areas ,where your child can find a leaf kitchen, a digging pit, musical instruments, hammocks, skittles, charcoal and chalk drawing, tunnels, dens, a mini assault course, to name but a few!

The sessions start with a group activity, this is always seasonal and different each time. Our group activity's involve encouraging learning about the woodland environment. We might do this through basic tool use, looking for bugs , foraging for our campfire snack, collecting sticks for a craft activity, listening to bird song or diving into piles of crunchy autumn leaves.


As the children gain in confidence they’ll begin to roam independently leaving you to relax! Your little one could join you from the Leaf Kitchen with platters of forest feasts or emerge from the dens with a wriggly worm clenched in charcoaled hands to show and tell. 

A Typical Session

You will be met at the woodland entrance by a Forest School Leader (FSL) and orienteer through the woods following coloured ribbons. Once in the preschool area the forest folk are encouraged to have a wander around the site, there might be an activity involving finding things to do while we wait for all the other children to arrive.


When everyone has arrived we will ring a bell and call everyone to the fire circle to explain and demonstrate our group activity.

Once the children have completed the activity they can  participate in some free play, which might involve playing with new friends or exploring new areas. 

When the snack is ready, (if the Forest Folk are not cooking it themselves) a bell is rung to let everyone know that it's time to wash their hands and come and sit down around the fire.

While everyone has their snack the FSL will read a woodland story for those who want to listen or your child can continue exploring and playing before it's time to say good bye until next time!


Come and Join us for
some Forest Folk Fun
in the woods!

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