Tiny Tree Sessions

Tiny Trees is an introduction to Forest School: an outdoor playgroup for adults and children aged 1–3 years.


Little ones can begin exploring the woods, interacting with nature and enjoying the woodlands calm and peaceful environment in this low-pressure, free-flow session.

Tiny tree sessions are one and a half hours long. The session takes place in our preschool areas.  In these areas your children can find a leaf kitchen, a digging pit, musical instruments, skittles, hammocks, charcoal and chalk drawing, to name but a few!

In authentic Scandinavian Forest Schools, well-clothed babies sleep outdoors with birdsong as their lullaby. When awake they are able to investigate their surroundings by crawling or walking through grass and mud to explore and play with various natural objects. We aim to recreate this environment for our Tiny Trees.


Tiny Trees will also incorporate an adult-led woodland activity – campfire cooking, seasonal crafts and basic woodwork.

Tiny Tree Groups

Weekly Groups

Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings 10 -11.30. These take place in the tranquil Mossy Glen. 

Fortnightly Groups

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10 - 11.30 and 12 -1.30 and Fridays 12 - 1.30 (Please check current session times and booking for availability). These sessions all take place in our beautiful Round House Glade.

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A Typical Tiny Tree Session

What do our sessions look like? Take a look at this little film to give you an idea.

Video created by Catherine Cable.


Typical Tiny Trees Session

At the start of each session you will be greeted at our woodland entrance, by one of our Forest School Leaders who will then direct you along a ribband trail to either the Round House Glade or the Mossy Glen preschool areas.

​The session is entirely free-flow and child-led. Once the children are in the woods they can move from the various set out activities in their own time and choose what interests them that day! There is no pressure to do any particular activities, some children like to just sit and watch the fire, which is fine.

During the session we ring a bell and call all the Tiny Trees to the fire circle (if their not there already!) for a campfire snack. All our snacks are vegetarian, we try to be dairy free where possible too. There will always be a free from option available, so if your Tiny Tree has any food intolerances, please let us know, so we can try to accommodate them.

Once the snack has been served up the Forest school leader will read a seasonal woodland story for those who want to listen or your child can continue exploring and playing before its time to say good bye until next time!


Tiny Tree Sessions
come and join us!