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6th August -  The Hungry Caterpillar

7th August - Hapa Zome & medal making

3rd September - Super worm



HALF TERM  BREAK 21st October - 1st Nov             

*There are two sets of groups that run on different weeks (Week A and B). Please select the group with the dates you prefer*


Fortnightly Sessions - Week A Dates

TUESDAY: 10th Sept, 24th Sept, 8th Oct, 5th Nov, 19th Nov, 3rd Dec 10 -11.30 Tiny Trees only

WEDNESDAY: 11th Sept, 25th Sept, 9th Oct, 6th Nov, 20th Nov, 4th Dec 10 - 11.30 Tiny Trees and Forest Folk 

THURSDAY: 12th Sept, 26th Sept, 10th Oct, 7th Nov, 21st Nov, 5th Dec 10- 11.30 Tiny Trees - 12 - 1.30  Forest Folk 

FRIDAY: 13th Sept, 27th Sept, 11th Oct, 8th Nov, 22nd Nov, 6th Dec 10-11.30 Forest Folk only

Fortnightly Sessions - Week B Dates

TUESDAY:17th Sept, 1st Oct, 15th Oct, 12th Nov, 26th Nov, 10th Dec 10-11.30 Tiny Trees only

WEDNESDAY: Not running this term

THURSDAY:  Not running this term

FRIDAY: 20th Sept, 9th Oct, 18th Oct, 15th Nov, 29th Nov, 13th Dec  10 -11.30 Tiny Trees only

Trial Session - You can try a session first before booking onto a block (whole term). Go to our booking form, in the section 'other info' type Trial session and date you would like to trial. Any queries get in touch

Saturday Minis Sessions (these are once a month)

Dates for our Autumn Term :

September 14th

October 19th

November 9th

December 7th

​You can join us for 1,2,3 or 4 sessions

Mini Forester Sessions Times & Cost

Please note that our week day sessions are fortnightly and run over a two week period.

Trial Session

Why not try a session out first, before booking on for a whole term. This is a great way of seeing what we do and how our sessions work in both dry weather and wet. You can get a feel for our site and where we are. You can also see if both you and your child enjoy being in the woods.

How to book a trial session:
Click on the ''book'' link below and this will take you to our current booking form for the term.
Fill in the form for your chosen session and then in the section 'other info' type... Trial session and date you would like to trial.
You will then be sent a booking confirmation and invoice for that one session
Cost of Tiny Trees Trial - £10
Forest Folk - £11
additional sibling £6 
(under1's come for free!) 
 If your still not sure what to do or need some help please get in touch and we can book you in! ( 


Mini Foresters  Autumn 2024 Calendar

This term runs from September through to December

Autumn 2024.png
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