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Saturday Mini Foresters Sessions

Saturday Minis sessions runs monthly (term time only)

10.00 - 12.00 and 12.30 - 2.30.

The sessions are aimed at children aged 2.5 - 6/7 years and last for 2 hours .

*Please note that the booking form for Sat Minis

is separate to our week day sessions.*

Saturday Minis is a family-friendly day out, designed for parents/carers and children to embrace the woodland’s seasonal changes with their children.

Saturday Minis encourages learning about the woodland environment and nature, through various activities. We might look for insects under logs, Whittle sticks, learning to identify a seasonal plant to forage for our campfire snack, listening to bird song and enjoying the space of our woodland glade. 


As the children gain in confidence they’ll begin to roam independently leaving you to relax! Your little one could join you from the Leaf Kitchen with platters of forest feasts or emerge from a den with a wriggly worm cupped in muddy hands to show and tell. 

The age of 2.5 - 6 is just a guild line for Saturday Minis, your child can stay with this group as long as they like, every child is different.

A Typical Saturday Minis Session

You will be met at the woodland entrance by a Forest School Leader (FSL) and orienteer through the woods to the preschool areas following coloured ribbons.


Once in the woods the Saturday Minis are asked to find a seat around the fire circle with their grown ups.  The FSL's will then explain and demonstrate what the activity or activities are.  


When the group activity is completed the Saturday Minis can continue the session with some free play, which might involve playing with new friends or exploring new areas. 

When the snack is ready, (if they're not cooking their own) the FSL's will ring the bell to let everyone know it's time to wash their hands and come and sit down around the fire circle.

While everyone has their snack the FSL will read a woodland story for those who want to listen or your child can continue exploring and playing before it's time to say good bye until next time!


Come and Join us for
some Saturday Mini's Fun 
in the woods!

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